Kim Research Group



Education and Professional Career

Honors and Awards

2017 Fellow of Young Korean Academy of Science and Technology
- The Korean Academy of Science and Technology
2016 Outstanding Academic Advancement Award
- Division of Polymer Chemistry, Korean Chemical Society (KCS)
2014 Best Teaching Award, UNIST
2014 Wiley-PSK MRC Young Scientist Award
- The Polymer Society of Korea
2013 Fellow of Frontier Research Scientists
- The Korean Academy of Science and Technology
2012 Best Research Award of URP Project
- Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity
2012 Best Teaching Award, UNIST
2011 Best Teaching Award, UNIST
2010 Best Teaching Award, UNIST
2006 MNACS Graduate Student Award
- The Minnesota Section of the American Chemical Society
2005 Robert L. Ferm Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award
- Department of Chemistry, University of Minnesota
1997 Leadership Award
- English Language Institute, University of Delaware

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